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Do you like Greece? You are of greek origin but you do not practise the language any more! You have a house there or you stay there regularly? Just for a journey or forever.

Discover about our learning methods of Modern Greek.  

The language integrates into the ancient culture and civilization of this country.  Greek people love foreign people talking their language and will welcome you all the more heartily. You will certainly find the method that suits best your needs. Wether it is a private lesson, a group course, a correspondence course, a session within our offices or a skype session, we have the solution that is best for you. 

The learning method is simple, entertaining and lively at the same time. You teacher will teach you the language with conviviality.  He/she will not only explain the foundations and linguistic tools of Greek but will also transmit the soul of the language and its everyday practice. The key of your success in the process will be your motivation.

In order to learn the Greek language, it is better to like Greece, its culture, its traditions and civilisation, in short to feel home when you are there. 

Discover the possible methods and choose the one that is best for you according to your targets, budget and availability. 

And you do not find what you are looking for, call us to find a solution.

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